POPS System – Portable Outdoor Powered System

One Systems’ Powered Outdoor Presentation System (POPS) is a solution for a long-standing need in the professional audio market for a high output, portable, full-range sound system capable of being used outdoors in rain, snow and temperature extremes, as well as indoors too. POPSSystem is comprised of the POPS15a, a bi-amplified 15-inch two-way system, and the POPSSUBa, a powered 18-inch subwoofer system. The combination of POPS15a and POPSSUBa creates a truly outstanding 2,000 watt sound system that truly sets new standards for power, versatility, impeccable performance and simple use in one well-crafted, rugged, direct-weather capable system.

POPSSystem is designed for sound reinforcement use at outdoor sporting events, festivals, for live or high-level music playback. POPS’ sound quality, vocal intelligibility, musical definition and wide response make it the perfect solution for a range of applications that require top-shelf performance, plus it can easily withstand the elements too.

POPSSystem is easily portable, fast to set up and simple to use. Although POPS is technically-sophisticated, the difficult work of adjusting amplifier gains, tweaking dynamics and EQ parameters was all done by One Systems engineers, making it a true
plug-and-play system. Thanks to POPS’ robust components and solid design, it’s ready to handle real-world professional sound applications.

POPS’ enclosures, electronics, loudspeaker components and even its accessories are designed for use in inclement weather conditions. The enclosure materials were carefully-selected to handle the elements and temperature plus whatever rigors they might encounter during transportation. The speaker’s modern gray finish was chosen to blend into surroundings and to prevent heat build-up inside the enclosures when used in direct sunlight on hot days.

POPS’ digital amplifiers and processing are built by Powersoft in Florence, Italy, an established leader in digital amplifier and processing electronics. The amplifier’s Class-D design ensures high efficiency and excellent dissipation.

Thanks to their compact size and POPSSUBa’s large-diameter, lockable pneumatic wheels, the two speakers can be stacked together and rolled into place even across muddy sports fields or large grassy areas. POPSSUBa also includes a crank-up-style, height-adjustable mounting pole for elevating the POPS15a.

POPS15a and POPSSUBa each have available extra-long AC and XLR-type signal cables to facilitate transportation and increase weather resistance. Hooking up the system is as simple as plugging the AC cables into a power source, running the signal cable to a mixing console and connecting the two speakers. Setting up a high-output, tri-amped sound system doesn’t get any easier than POPS.
For schools, religious groups, multi-purpose facilities or organizations with widely-varying requirements,

POPSSystem has the perfect combination of high performance, prodigious output, portability and flexibility unmatched by any other powered system. Indoors or outside in rain, sun or snow, no other powered system can top POPS.

For more details and individual specifications, please visit the pages for the POPS15a and the POPSSUBa.