On Point Audio’s OPALINE ARRAY speaker system is a single-box vertical line array that is designed for permanent installation and live sound reinforcement applications. Its vertical transducer configuration generates very wide horizontal dispersion, while providing precise vertical pattern control. The defined vertical pattern offers excellent intelligibility in reverberant spaces, and maximizes direct to reflected ratios of acoustic radiation.

The OPALINE ARRAY features a 1 x 4 low-frequency vertical array consisting of four NP8 high-output, narrow-profile woofers. NP8 woofers have the same cone acoustical radiating area as conventional 8-inch (203mm) woofers, but are smaller in dimensions. NP8 narrow-profile woofers operate up to 1,000 Hz and are configured to deliver excellent vertical pattern control up to their crossover frequency. The high-frequency section of the OPALine features two vertical line array waveguides that are both coupled to very high-output, medium-format titanium compression drivers. The two high-frequency elements are frequency shaded. Both high-frequency waveguides operate between 1,000 Hz and 2,000 Hz in parallel mode. Above 2,000Hz, the lower waveguide is gradually attenuated to maintain the desired vertical beamwidth of the OPALine system. This configuration ensures excellent vocal range pattern control, superior system intelligibility, and high reliability.

The OPALINE Array is constructed with a very high-quality void free 13-ply plywood and is finished in durable polyurea-based PowerCoat™ paint. There are multiple M10 fly point locations on the speaker enclosure. The OPALINE ARRAY may also be suspended via the Eye Bolt Kit-W, or with On Point Audio’s OPA-PTB pan/tilt bracket.

The OPALINE Array also features two 1-3/8” (35 mm) standard pole mount receptacles. These two “top hat” pole receptacles are designed to allow the OPALine enclosure to be mounted to the OPALine Sub active subwoofer. These top hat receptacles are NOT designed for use with a standard tripod speaker stand. OPALINE must not be mounted on a standard loudspeaker tripod speaker stand under any circumstance!

The OPALINE ARRAY is a nominal 4-ohm design and features a peak electrical power handling of 3,200 watts and an AES rating of 800 watts continuous. The OPALINE ARRAY features a 90-degree nominal horizontal coverage and a defined vertical included angle rated coverage of 40 degrees. The key performance advantage of its four element vertical array and extended HF line array is that the nominal vertical coverage pattern is maintained down into the vocal fundamental range. This extended vertical coverage angle prevents excessive mid-band acoustic radiation from bouncing off the floor/ceiling, thereby improving intelligibility through this critical frequency band. The system’s sensitivity of 95 dB (1 watt/1 meter) will produce a peak Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of 130 dB at full system peak power.