The On Point Audio OPA-8NP is a high-performance, narrow-profile coaxial 8 inch (203mm) two- way loudspeaker system. The OPA-8NP has been designed to provide superior intelligibility and fidelity for indoor permanent installations. The OPA-8NP features a 90-degree conical high- frequency horn radiation pattern. This pattern allows for wide coverage in near field applications. The OPA-8NP was designed to not only offer excellent fidelity, but also provides superior vocal reproduction and intelligibility too. The system consists of a single coaxial 8″ woofer and pure titanium true compression driver. The high-frequency driver is a small format design. The OPA-8NP is an ideal design for fixed installations, where excellent bandwidth and controlled time domain response are specified. The system design allows for superior intelligibility and articulation.

The OPA-8NP system offers a complete selection of array and flying/suspension hardware. The enclosure offers multiple M8 rigging points and may be flown using forged shoulder eyebolts, a U-bracket, or a unique pan and tilt bracket that was designed exclusively for the OPA-8NP.

The OPA-8NP enclosure has high-quality plywood construction and features On Point Audio’s Power Coat polyurea finish. The 8-inch woofer is an On Point Audio “narrow profile” design that provides a large cross sectional area radiating surface in a small profile. The input section consists of a 4-pin barrier strip. The small size and high output performance make the OPA-8NP an excellent choice for high-performance foreground music and announcement systems.