208CIM™ Compact Two-Element Vertical Array Loudspeaker System


The One Systems® 208CIM™ is a super-compact high output vertical array loudspeaker system designed to produce high sound pressure vocal range content with excellent intelligibility. The 208CIM is a dual 8-inch system with a coaxially mounted high frequency driver to reproduce upper range information. Vocal fundamentals are reproduced by its 2-element direct radiator design that avoids traditional horn colorations. The high output capability of the 208CIM allows it to be used in many applications where a traditional 12-inch two-way system would normally be used, but with a much smaller enclosure footprint.

The 208CIM may be used in direct weather outdoor installations as well as indoor applications where high vocal intelligibility and sonic accuracy are required. Like all One Systems® products, the 208CIM delivers excellent full range fidelity and superior vocal reproduction and intelligibility. The unique design of this system delivers extended range directional control through the vocal fundamental range while delivering twice the acoustic output of conventional 8-inch two-way designs. Its nominal 70-degree conical coverage pattern enables the system to be oriented horizontally or vertically without performance penalty.

The 208CIM is also available with a 150-watt 3-tap line-matching transformer compatible with 70.7 – 100-volt primaries with taps at 150, 75 and 37.5 watts accessible through a 5-position barrier strip. The system is equipped with 15 x M8 suspension points and a complete selection of array and flying/suspension hardware is available.

The 208CIM is optimized for permanent installation use in outdoor applications such as football stadiums, baseball stadiums, racetracks and other sports venues where direct weather exposure is presumed. The system is also well suited for high ambient noise indoor applications in sports venues or multipurpose rooms for general performance or vocal intensive applications.

The 208CIM’s enclosure is made from a copolymer optimized for high UV exposure and long life in harsh environments. All its rigging and suspension hardware and grille are made of stainless steel. The grille is a 3 layer “rain shield” design that minimizes direct moisture contact with the system’s transducers. The unique vent design also provides effective moisture drainage from the interior of the enclosure.

The 208CIM’s enclosure and grille are rated to IEC 529 / IP45 (solid object penetration to 1 mm (0.04 inches) and water jets from any direction). The enclosures and components are also rated to Mil Spec 810. The input section consists of 2 x 4 pin Neutrik Speakons and a stainless steel barrier strip. An aluminum weather cover with an integral gland
nut connector is provided for outdoor applications. In the outdoor applications, connections are made via the 5-position barrier strip. The gland nut is weatherproof and is rated NEMA 6P (IP 68). The gland nut allows use of cables with outside diameters from 7 mm to 12 mm (0.236 to 0.472 inches), which will accommodate most 2-conductor AWG 12 cables.

Because the One Systems 208CIM is designed for permanent installation, a variety of optional rigging and suspension options are available. An M8 forged shoulder eyebolt kit is available for simple suspension. The 208CIM may be suspended vertically or horizontally using the One Systems’ 108IM-U U-Bracket. The 208CIM may be pole or wall mounted in selected installations (when permitted by local codes and appropriate substrates) using a One Systems’ PT-38 pan and tilt bracket. For mounting on small-diameter round or square poles as small as 101.6 mm (4 inches), the One Systems PT-30 is available.

The 208CIM is available in black and white finishes and the enclosure can be painted a variety of colors for décor-conscious applications (see“painting One Systems’ IM Series Enclosures” in the tech paper/install guide section of the One Systems’ website).

The 208CIM delivers outstanding performance, pristine intelligibility and high output capability from a compact enclosure. Its low and high impedance options, and enclosure finish options makes it an excellent professional audio solution.