312IM High Output, 3 Element, Shaded Array Loudspeaker System

312IM High Output, 3 Element, Shaded Array Loudspeaker System

One Systems’ Portable Outdoor Powered System (POPS) was designed to fulfill a unique need in the professional audio marketplace for a high-output powered speaker system that can be used outdoors in any weather condition.

POPS15 is a 15-inch two-way system that includes onboard digital power amplifiers and digital signal processing (DSP) with dynamics and protection. POPS15 was designed for direct-weather applications and its enclosure, electronics and transducers have been developed for use in rain, snow and other inclement weather applications. Its highly-portable design and flexible features makes it ideal for mobile applications indoors and outdoors.

POPS15’s enclosure is injection-molded using a special resin designed for use in harsh weather conditions and high UV exposure. POPS15’s gray-colored, near infra-red reflective resin is able to withstand high ultra-violet exposure and its reflective color minimizes solar-induced heat build-up to prevent the amplifiers from output limiting or shutdown when used in high ambient temperatures and/or direct sunlight. All system rigging and components are made of very high grade stainless steel. The enclosure has been designed to IEC 529 / IP 56 ingress protection standards and its transducers are designed to meet weather/water proof requirements. All its electronic switches and input/output connections meet IP 67 standards or better.

POPS15’s digital power amplifier, built by Powersoft® in Florence, Italy, provides 3,000 peak watts of output power and is bi-amplified with the headroom necessary for modern presentation and music systems. The onboard digital processing provides high-order filtering and crossover functions, free-field optimized equalization and system dynamics and protection algorithms. The system’s dynamics processing has been designed to provide excellent system protection while maximizing its peak acoustic output capability.

POPS15’s components include a 60o x 40o High-Q horn coupled to a medium-format compression driver that delivers impressive projection with superb pattern control. The low frequency transducer is a unique Narrow-Profile design that utilizes a 15-inch (381 mm) cone with a very large 4-inch (101 mm) diameter voice coil. This extremely large voice coil diameter provides superb reliability and high power handling while minimizing power compression effects. The driver’s neodymium-iron-boron magnets have been optimized using finite-element modeling techniques to insure maximized efficiency bandwidth The compression driver’s titanium diaphragm that features an exit geometry optimized for superior acoustic loading and extended bandwidth directivity control.

POPS15 features 7 x M10 stainless steel rigging points as well as an integrated loudspeaker stand adaptor. It may be suspended horizontally or vertically using optional Eye Bolt Kit or arrayed with the optional Fly-15 Active bracket. POPS15 may also be mounted to a loudspeaker stand with a standard-sized 1-3/8” (35 mm) diameter pole. Its specially-shaped enclosure also permits it to be used as a floor monitor.

POPS15 includes custom 30.5 m / 100 ft-long AC Mains cable and an IP 67-rated XLR signal cable with moisture-resistant connectors. Both cable assemblies are supplied on portable cable reels for fast system setup and easy transportation. The AC mains cable is equipped with an inline Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) for added safety.

Thanks to its concert-quality components, rugged injection-molded enclosure, high-performance Powersoft® amplifiers and digital processing, POPS15 is a perfect solution for a variety of applications indoors or outside that require an integrated system that is quick to set up, easy to use and is capable of delivering excellent performance.

  • All-weather capable, self-powered 15-inch two-way system
  • Premium-grade, concert class, large-format transducers
  • Built-in Powersoft® amplifiers with 3,000 watts of peak bi-amped power perfectly-matched to each driver
  • Built-in digital signal processing for optimum sound quality, maximum dynamic range and full system protection
  • 60º x 40º High-Q horn and medium-format HF driver delivers superb projection and excellent pattern control to fill short and medium-throw acoustic spaces
  • 15-inch Narrow-Profile woofer with powerful 4-inch voice coil enables ultra-slim enclosure design
  • Built-in 7 x M10 inserts and a standard-sized pole mount that permit a variety of use and placement possibilities, including use as a floor monitor
  • Includes 30.5 m / 100 ft AC mains and 3-pin XLR-type signal cables on portable cable reels with moisture-resistant connectors. The AC mains cable is equipped with an inline Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) for added safety.

Frequency Response:

50 Hz – 20,000 Hz


Coverage Pattern:
60º H x 40º V


Input / Thru Connection:
3-Pin XLR (IP 67-rated) (Pin 2+)

Low-Pass Filtered Output:
80 Hz, 4th- Order optimized for POPSSub

Peak Power -Total System:
3,000 watts

Continuous Power - Total System:
1,500 watts

Peak Low Frequency:
1,500 watts

Peak High Frequency Output: 1,500 watts

Continuous Low Frequency:
750 watts

Continuous High Frequency:
750 watts

Max Acoustic Output (Peak):
128 dB

Weather Performance:
IP 56 / IEC 529

7 x M10 suspension points

Supplied Accessories:
30.5 m / 100 ft AC mains cable with inline GFCI and XLR-type signal cable – both supplied on portable cable reels

Net Weight:
29 kg / 64 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D), mm: 742 mm x 370 mm x 433.5 mm
Dimensions (H x W x D), in: 29.2 in x 14.6 in x 17.1 in

Available Accessories:
POPSSub powered 18-inch subwoofer system; Eye Bolt Kit (4 x M10 15-mm eye bolts)