OPALine 82

OPALine 82_3

The On Point Audio OPALine-82 is an eight element vertical column array. The OPALine-82 exhibits progressive directivity control and is an excellent choice for use in reverberant spaces where very controlled and defined vertical radiation is required. The enclosure is a passive design that features high power handling and reliability. The vertical column array consists of eight high output, high excursion two inch (51mm) closely spaced dynamic transducers. The close physical spacing insures controlled polar lobing and tight pattern control. The acoustic performance of the OPALine-82 make it an ideal choice for houses of worship, theaters, commercial venues, airports, and gathering spaces of all sizes.

The OPALine-82 features a switchable input impedance of either 8 ohms or 32 ohms. In 32 ohm mode a total of 16 enclosures may be connected to a single amplifier channel (with 2 ohm rating). This allows the OPALine-82 to be used in distributed designs without the need for input transformers. The 8 ohm setting allows the enclosure to be used in performance applications where maximum amplifier power is required.

Several accessories are available for the OPALine-82 speakers, including the PTB-82 pan/tilt bracket, as well as the SB-82 shackle bracket for ceiling and structural mounting of the OPALine-82. See the downloads area of this page for available accessories and installation guides.

The OPALine-82 can also be used with the On Point Audio OPA-151SA high performance powered subwoofer when extended bandwidth and additional bass is required. The OPA-151SA includes a high performance DSP based preamp that provides complete processing functions. When used without the powered subwoofer the system offers a low frequency bandwidth of 150Hz, making the system ideal for high intelligibility vocal reproduction. A standard telescoping pole typically used with this subwoofer and a portable speaker can be substituted with the On Point accessories P1, or P2 (and additional accessories) when being used as a portable systems with the OPALine-82 speaker system.


  • High directivity vertical column array
  • 8 closely spaced 2” radiating elements
  • Neodymium based transducers
  • Switchable 8 ohm or 32 ohm operation
  • 119 dB / 125 dB SPL (Peak / Continuous)
  • Multiple rigging accessories
  • High power handling transducer elements