The On Point Audio OPA-5T is a high-performance, ultra compact coaxial 5.25 inch (133mm) two-way loudspeaker system. The OPA-5T has been designed to provide superior intelligibility and fidelity for indoor permanent installations. The OPA-5T features a 90-degree conical high- frequency horn radiation pattern. This pattern allows for wide coverage in near field applications. The OPA-5T was designed to not only offer excellent fidelity, but also provides superior vocal reproduction and intelligibility. The system consists of a single coaxial 5.25 inch woofer and pure titanium true compression driver. The high-frequency driver is a small format design. The OPA-5T is an ideal design for fixed installations, where excellent bandwidth and controlled time domain response are specified. The system design allows for superior intelligibility and articulation. The OPA-5T is well suited for distributed system designs in meeting places, restaurants, and pubs.

The OPA-5T is user configurable to allow for either low impedance (8 ohm) or high impedance operation. The system may be used in either 70Vrms or 100Vrms mode in the high impedance configuration. The enclosure offers multiple M8 rigging points and may be flown using forged shoulder eyebolts or a U-bracket.

  • High-Output/High-Intelligibilitytwo-waycoaxial system.
  • Extremely small format enclosure
  • Optimized for high-intelligibility and vocal articulation.
  • Conical radiation pattern optimized for wide coverage
  • Pure titanium compression driver
  • Multiple M8 flying points
  • Steel U-Bracket included
  • User configurable Hi Impedance or Low Impedance operation (8 ohm low z)
  • 70Vrms and 100Vrms configurable