OPA 151 SA

The On Point Audio OPA-151SA is a self-powered 15-inch (381mm) professional sub woofer system. The Active amplifier module is a full class D topology that features on board DSP to create high order active Linkwitz-Riley crossover filters and parametric equalization. The amplifier active filter section also creates a filtered output optimized for driving the OPALine-82 as well as the OPA-5, OPA-8NP and OPA-28NP enclosures.

The high performance DSP based preamp features a variety of user selectable presets. The OPA-151SA is easily programmed via any windows based personal computer. Available user selectable functions are system equalization and delay. The delay functions are available for both the sub and the specific top enclosure to optimize acoustic summing at the crossover point. The filtered output allows the OPA-151SA and the other On Point Audio active enclosures to be used in combination to produce an extremely high output wide bandwidth sound reinforcement system that is remarkably portable and flexible.

The power module features a total of 2000 watts of peak power (1000 continuous) with a full 1000 watts of peak power delivered to the 15-inch low frequency transducer. The OPA-151SA also features a full 1000 watts of peak output that may be used to drive the companion top enclosure.

The DSP section of the amplifier module features compressor/limiter dynamics that are programmed for maximum system dynamics and system protection.




  • Powered Sub Woofer System
  • High Power Active (Class D) Amplifier
  • 2000 Watts Peak Output Power (1000 peak to sub and 1000 high passed output to selected top enclosure)
  • DSP Signal Processing
  • RS485 Remote Control and Monitoring Large Format LF Design
  • 15” High Excursion Design
  • Filtered High Output