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Union City, Tennessee (February 2018) – The Union City, Tennessee-based Golden Tornados started their football season with a vengeance compliments of a new One Systems loudspeaker system designed and installed by Lowrance Sound Company, also located in Union City.

“When the school chose to install a new video scoreboard they decided it was also time to upgrade the stadium sound system,” explains Mark Lowrance, president of Lowrance Sound Company, Inc. “The old system consisted of two loudspeakers mounted to the press box on the home side. The new scoreboard now features a pair of One Systems loudspeakers that cover both sides of the field effortlessly.”

Lowrance designed custom cantilevered steel supports that were welded to the top of the scoreboard where two One Systems Cross Field Arraay CFA-2/HTH loudspeakers were mounted – one on each side of the scoreboard – to provide coverage for each side of the field. A mono cluster of two 118/HSB subwoofers are mounted to the bottom of the scoreboard to provide additional low end output across the listening area.

The CFA-2/HTH is ideal for applications like football stadiums because it provides very high intelligibility and acoustic output where long throw requirements are necessary. The high-frequency configuration consists of two large-format, close-spaced compression drivers coupled to a two-inch (50.8mm) constant directivity horn. The low-frequency is provided compliments of four bandwidth optimized 10-inch (254mm) diameter woofers in a 2 x 2 array.

Fortunately, the CFA-2/HTH and 118/HSB enclosures offers all 316 (marine) grade stainless steel rigging and have grill assemblies made of 304 -grade stainless steel covered in a newly developed polyester coating that allows the CFA-2/HTH to be used in ocean front and marine environments, as well as inland direct weather environments. In short, the loudspeakers are impervious to the long-term, ill effects of the weather.

“The principal was very interested in upping the game experience for the Golden Tornado fans,” adds Lowrance. “We had used the CFA-2 loudspeakers at Austin Peay State University last year and our experience was fantastic. We knew they would be ideal for this application. Plus, the system is driven by a QSC CXD-4.5na amplifier which provides more than enough power to create tremendous SPL across the stadium. It’s a great combination that I suspect we will use again.”


Photos: Lowrance Sound Company mounted two One Systems Cross Field Array CFA-2/HTH loudspeakers  – one on each side of the scoreboard – to provide coverage for each side of the field.
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