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Hillsdale College, a Michigan-based liberal arts college founded in 1844, recently upgraded its athletic facilities with a state-of-the-art sound-reinforcement system that includes a number of direct-weather loudspeakers from One Systems USA. “We were looking for a high-output, high-quality line of speakers for the football field that would perform for a long time in the sometimes harsh climate of Southern Michigan,” offers Andrew Walker from AVTEK Audio Visual Technologies, the local sound-system contractor. “One Systems loudspeakers were selected because of their rugged design and waterproofing, plus the fact that they sound pretty fantastic!” One Systems utilizes a lightweight co-polymer enclosure to withstand direct weather environments, including rain and snow; its designs offer high intelligibility audio for indoor and outdoor installations.

An independent, coeducational school with a large student body, Hillsdale College’s football field and stadium offers a seating capacity of 7,000 and features a state-of-the-art press box. It was named after the long-time head football coach Frank “Muddy” Waters, who successfully led the college team to many titles and honors during his 20 years as coach.

Working closely with One Systems’ local representative, Online CRM, AVTEK specified a total of 14 loudspeaker systems: two Model 212IM two-way/double-12-inch cabinets with U brackets; four Model 312CIM three-element/shaded array cabinets; and eight Model 112IM light-weight cabinets. The stainless steel alloy 112IM-U brackets enable vertical, horizontal or ceiling mounting. All enclosures are powered by Lab:gruppen amplifiers. A Peavey MediaMatrix routing and control system is also planned to provide individual coverage across a number of loudspeaker zones, in addition to accommodating security and emergency announcements, plus paging and background music.

According to Ted Matko, Hillsdale College’s Director of Technical Media, “Our previous sound system comprised a central array of Altec-Lansing Manta Ray horns that was installed around 1980. The horn array never offered a decent low-end response so, when the time came to upgrade the system, we specified a full-range rig, and one that would provide far better coverage across the football field. I had worked at the college with Andrew Walker [from AVTEK] for around 15 years, and trusted his assessment of these new One Systems units. They are fully water-proofed, look very nice, and sound scarily good. And, unlike the Manta Rays, we will have no problems with hornets that used to nest in the horns – our new cabinets are fully sealed!”

The Model 212IM is a lightweight, copolymer-based, all-weather loudspeaker system that consists of a single 12-inch I/O woofer and a large-format Equivalent Throat (ET) driver coupled to a fully rotatable HF horn. The 112IM can be used in direct weather outdoor
installations as well as indoor applications where high vocal intelligibility and accuracy are required. The enclosure ships with two HF horns (60×40 and 105×60) that both feature One System’s ET technology. The fully inter-changeable and rotatable HF horns provide a high level of pattern control in a variety of acoustical environments. Multiple rigging points and application-specific flying brackets make the 112IM extremely easy and quick to install.

“The Model 312CIM is designed to produce very high sound-pressure levels in the vocal range with very high intelligibility,” says John Riley from Online CRM. “It consists of three, 12-inch direct radiator transducers mounted in a shaded array. The top 12-inch element is
also a coaxial system that features a large-format compression driver. The system produces full bandwidth response and excellent vertical control – this array produces vertical beam width control to below 200 Hz and maintains a 60-degree vertical included-radiation angle to below 300 Hz.”

The Model 112IM is a light-weight, all-weather system that can be used in direct-weather outdoor installations as well as indoor applications where high vocal intelligibility and accuracy are required. Like all One Systems products, the 112IM offers not only excellent full-range fidelity but superior vocal reproduction and intelligibility. The cabinet houses a single 12-inch I/O woofer and a large-format ET driver coupled to a fully rotatable HF horn. The 112IM enclosure is a copolymer optimized for high UV exposure and long life in harsh environments. All internal and external rigging and suspension hardware, as well as the metal grill, are fabricated from stainless steel or high strength aluminum.

Mounting a pair of Model 312CIM cabinets on the football stadium’s press-box roof required a unique solution. “Because of our rubber-bladder roof treatment,” Matko explains, “we were reluctant to drill holes into the roof for mounting screws or bolts that could lead to water leaks. Instead, Andrew [Walker from AVTEK] found a local vendor who could adapt a non-invasive mount for our loudspeaker systems. They calculated the local wind conditions, and recommended that we use a total of six heavy concrete blocks to hold down the modified dish-mounting plate, to which they attached the loudspeaker mounting pole and bracket. The result was exactly what we were looking for.”

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About One Systems

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, One Systems, Inc. is a high-quality manufacturer of direct- weather loudspeaker systems. Established in 2006, One Systems, Inc. is the developer of Equivalent Throat Technology (patent pending), which creates wider sound dispersion and beam width than conventional driver designs, and the Inside/Only Voice coil (patent pending), which, for the first time, provides consistent thermal conductivity regardless of voice coil height.