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INFOCOMM LAS VEGAS, June 18, 2008 – One Systems, Inc. is featuring two of its new direct-weather loudspeaker systems plus a pan and tilt bracket at Infocomm Las Vegas in booth C-4085. Each new loudspeaker system consists of a lightweight co-polymer enclosure, and
withstands direct weather environments, including rain and snow. In addition, each direct-weather loudspeaker utilizes patent pending technologies that bring high performance and high intelligibility audio to both outdoor and indoor installations. All models provide practical
solutions for system designers and installers.

Featured new models include:

The 108IM is a lightweight, copolymer-based, all weather loudspeaker system intended for outdoor as well as indoor installations where high vocal intelligibility and accuracy are required. The new system is optimized for outdoor applications such as amusement parks, restaurants, football stadiums, baseball stadiums, race tracks and other sports venues that require permanent installation as well as a direct weather exposure. It offers both excellent full-range fidelity and superior vocal reproduction and intelligibility. The unit consists of a single 8-inch woofer and ETS driver coupled to a fully rotatable 60 x 40 degree high-frequency horn. Also included with the system is an additional 105 x 50 degree rotatable horn. The enclosure can be supplied with an optional 75W three-tap line-matching transformer; the 108IM transformer version may be ordered with either a 100V or 70.7V primary. Additional optional accessories include the 108IM-U “U” bracket and the PT-5 pan and tilt bracket.

The 208CIM is a compact dual-8-inch system that uses a single coaxially mounted HF horn to reproduce higher frequency vocal information. The two-element vertical array – LF and Mid Bass – high-output loudspeaker system was designed to produce very high SPL vocal range content with excellent intelligibility. Vocal fundamentals do not suffer from the traditional colorations found in horn systems. The unit may be used in direct weather outdoor installations as well as indoor applications where high vocal intelligibility and accuracy are required. A unique design feature allows both extended range directional control through the vocal fundamental range and twice the acoustic output compared to conventional 8-inch two-way designs. Available with an optional internally mounted 75W three-tap line matching transformer, additional optional accessories include the 108IM-U “U” bracket and the PT-5 pan and tilt bracket.

The PT-35 Pan and Tilt Bracket is designed for use with a variety of One Systems’ Model 108IM and Model 208CIM sound-reinforcement enclosures. All components are constructed of high-quality stainless steel and are suitable for outdoor permanent installation as well as for indoor applications. The PT-35 provides a tilt angle range from vertical (zero degrees) to a maximum down tilt of 35 degrees, adjustable in 5-degree increments. The pan angle varies from on-axis to 40 degrees either side of the longitudinal axis in 13.3-degree increments. (It is necessary that installation and application of all suspended products conform to local and national codes.)

One Systems’ comprehensive line of Direct Weather Loudspeaker Systems will be displayed at booth C-4085 during Infocomm Las Vegas from June 18th – 20th.

About One Systems

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, One Systems, Inc. is a high-quality manufacturer of direct- weather loudspeaker systems. Established in 2006, One Systems, Inc. is the developer of Equivalent Throat Technology (patent pending), which creates wider sound dispersion and beam width than conventional driver designs, and the Inside/Only Voice coil (patent pending), which, for the first time, provides consistent thermal conductivity regardless of voice coil height.