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Middletown High School, whose Maryland-based campus is located within the scenic foothills of the Middletown Valley, outside of Frederick, recently started a major $3.2 million dollar upgrade of its football, soccer and lacrosse complex, including a new sound system for the school’s football stadium that includes a number of One Systems weather-proof loudspeakers. “We are very happy with the new sound system,” offers Keith Powell, VP of Sports at the school, and chairman of the Stadium Renovation Committee. “We have received a lot of compliments about their performance at the football stadium.” The speakers are suspended from an array of lighting poles that were added in June of last year. “One Systems pole-mount systems and U brackets were a prefect solution,” recalls Reggie Nusbaum, owner of Make-N-Music, the sound contractor responsible for the recent installation.

Make-N-Music selected an array of six One Systems loudspeakers: four Model 112IM light-weight, copolymer, all-weather loudspeaker systems that can be used in outdoor as well as indoor applications where high vocal intelligibility and accuracy are required; and two Model 212CIM two-way/double-12-inch cabinets. Like all One Systems products, the Model 112IM and 212CIM enclosures not only offer excellent full-range fidelity but provide superior vocal reproduction and intelligibility. Four pole-mount systems and two 112IM-U U-brackets complete the installation.

First established in 1888, Middletown High School opened in its current building in April, 1974; athletic teams are known as the “Knights.” “The school’s current sound system failed the last part of spring 2007 Sports,” Nusbaum recalls. The school plans to complete an overhaul during this coming summer, but we got lucky and did our part early in the process. Clarity is superb, close and clear across the field. Before this job, we had never shot sound across a football field. I was concerned about the clarity and the SPL, but every seat in the house sounds very, very good.”

Nusbaum cites three parameters that make One Systems loudspeakers his “System of Choice.” “Firstly, they are easy to rig and install,” he says. “We also save time during the installation process because of the simple-to-implement mounting hardware. And, finally, they are totally weatherproof ” perfect for outdoor systems. The real test occurred in late September [2007],” Nusbaum offers. The football game started at 7:00 PM, along with the pounding rain and 30-40 mph winds.

“Again, the school was thrilled with the over all sound quality – and if they are happy, everybody is happy! One Systems make great products and are great people to work with.”

Nusbaum is particularly enthusiastic about the rigging hardware supplied by One Systems. “It is better than any of the other brands we’ve used. The pole-mount and U-brackets are perfect for strapping these cabinets on lighting poles and similar locations.” One Systems’ Pole Mount System is fabricated from heavy-gauge stainless steel, accommodates pole diameters from eight to 20 inches, and consists of a mounting bracket with a tilting mechanism. The stainless-steel alloy U-bracket allows for either vertical or horizontal mounting of each specific enclosure.

The Model 112IM comprises a single 12-inch I/O (Inside Only) LF driver and a large-format HF driver coupled to a fully rotatable ET (Equivalent Throat) high-frequency horn. The unit’s woofer utilizes a unique wind on the inside of the voice-coil support structure. Such a design allows for both high magnetic system displacement as well as increased thermal transfer, and results in reduced power compression and higher reliability. The patent-pending ET driver allows the unit’s HF radiation pattern to be controlled by the phase plug summation plane rather than the conventional exit diameter. A large-format titanium diaphragm and a close-spaced circumferential ring phase plug insure extended high-frequency bandwidth.

The Model 212CIM comprises a dual-element LF vertical array that houses a pair of 12-inch drivers, a configuration that allows a longer throw – or increased coverage angle – than a conventional single-12-inch design with an associated HF horn. The top 12-inch driver is a coaxial design with a large-format compression driver configured in a through-the-pole-piece design that substantially limits the interaction between the HF horn and other acoustic elements in the loudspeaker system. The 212CIM is a very small format design, similar to conventional horn-in-horn designs but which offers audibly superior vocal range articulation and intelligibility.

“Many outdoor sound reinforcement installations require very high system sensitivity and power handling to enable the system to produce the specified SPLs,” considers John Gallice from RJ Marketing, One Systems’ local representative. “Such system designs normally require multiple horns to achieve the required sensitivity, power handling and weather resistant features. We worked closely with Mike O’Neil from One Systems to specify a configuration of weatherproofed loudspeakers that would meet Middletown High School’s exacting requirements. They love their new sound system!”

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Headquartered in Nashville, TN, One Systems, Inc. is a high-quality manufacturer of direct- weather loudspeaker systems. Established in 2006, One Systems, Inc. is the developer of Equivalent Throat Technology (patent pending), which creates wider sound dispersion and beam width than conventional driver designs, and the Inside/Only Voice coil (patent pending), which, for the first time, provides consistent thermal conductivity regardless of voice coil height.