The One Systems Cross Field Array-2HTH (CFA-2HTH) was designed to provide very high intelligibility and acoustic output where long throw requirements are specified. The enclosure features all 316 (marine) grade stainless steel rigging. The grill assembly and all other fasteners are 304 -grade stainless steel that feature a newly developed coating system allowing the CFA-2HTH to be used in ocean front and marine environments, as well as inland direct weather environments. The CFA-HTH is a nominal 55 degree horizontal by 30 degree array that features a fully rotatable high frequency horn/waveguide. This allows the CFA-2HTH to be used in either a vertical or horizontal orientation and still allows the desired coverage patterns. The high-frequency configuration consists of two large-format, close-spaced compression drivers coupled to a 2” (50.8mm) constant directivity horn. The low-frequency configuration consists of 4 bandwidth optimized 10” (254mm) diameter woofers in a 2 x 2 array.

The CFA-2HTH is ideal for both outdoor/direct weather long throw applications and indoor applications in high ambient noise environments. Typical applications are football and soccer fields, baseball fields and large theme park environments. Indoor environments such as basketball and hockey arenas are also well very appropriate venues for the CFA-2HTH, due to the ultra- high system intelligibility.

In order to achieve maximum system performance the CFA-2HTH should be high-pass filtered using a 4th order (24dB/octave) high-pass filter set to 80Hz. This filter frequency can be set using any high-quality DSP based loudspeaker processor. High-pass filter frequencies as low as 60Hz may be used, but maximum system dynamics and headroom are achieved by using the recommended 80Hz filter corner frequency.

The CFA-2HTH is a direct weather design that features a three-layer stainless steel grille assembly. The enclosure design is a laminated fiberglass construction with high safety factory structural rigging points molded in the enclosure shell.

The system is also compatible with the One Systems Pole Mount System PM4/M where vertical tilt requirements are specified in a pole mount application. The One Systems PT7/6M is also compatible with the CFA-2 HTH when pan and tilt are both required. The PT76/M is suitable for flat surface mounting only. If pole mounting is required the PM4/M must be used.

The system ingress protection is IP 56.

NOTE: The CFA-2HTH is factory configured for 4-ohm operation.

System input is a four position barrier strip. The input section features an aluminum weather cover with an integral IP68 rated glad nut. The gland nut will accommodate cable outside diameters of 7mm to 12mm (0.236” to 0.472”). The maximum diameter will accept most 2-conductor AWG12 Cable assemblies.

  • Very High Intelligibility
  • 316-grade stainless steel rigging
  • Long Throw/High Acoustic Output
  • Fully Rotatable High Frequency Waveguide
  • IP 56 Direct Weather Rated
  • Double Large Format High Frequency Drivers
  • Lo Z Operation
  • 4 x 10” (254mm) Low Frequency Long Throw Array (2×2 array configuration)
  • Multiple Fly Points and Rigging Accessories