The 312HC is a very high-output 3-element shaded array loudspeaker system. The 312HC was designed to produce very high sound pressure level vocal range content with superior intelligibility. The 312HC utilizes 316-grade stainless steel (marine-grade) for all structural and rigging points. All associated One Systems rigging accessories are also 316-grade stainless steel. All metal components that are not structural feature a newly developed marine-grade powder coat over 304-grade stainless steel. This allows the 312HC to be used in ocean front and cruise ship applications, as well as in general direct weather installations. IMPORTANT NOTE: In ocean front and marine environments, the included “vent plugs” must be installed in the loudspeaker vents!

The 312HC may be used in direct weather outdoor installations, as well as indoor applications where high vocal intelligibility and accuracy are required. Like all One Systems products, the 312HC was designed to not only offer excellent full-range fidelity, but also superior vocal reproduction and intelligibility. For extended bandwidth applications, the 312HC may be coupled with the 118HSB subwoofer to provide full bandwidth operation at very high sound pressure levels and in a relatively small footprint.

The system consists of 3 each 12-inch direct radiator transducers in a shaded array. The top 12-inch element is also a coaxial system that features a large format compression driver. The 312HC produces full bandwidth response and excellent vertical control. This array produces vertical beam width control to below 200 Hz and maintains a 60 degree vertical included radiation angle to below 300 Hz. This makes the 312HC excellent for reverberant indoor spaces such as gymnasiums, basketball

  • 3-Element 12” Shaded Vertical Array
  • Marine-grade (316) stainless steel rigging points
  • Very High SPL extended bandwidth response
  • IEC 529 IP 45 (IP 56 with vent plugs)
  • Optimized for high-intelligibility and vocal articulation
  • Multiple M10 rigging points
  • Pan and Tilt (PT76/M), Pole Mount (PM4/M) rigging brackets
  • 312HC-U/M U-bracket available