The One Systems 106HTH is a universal direct weather loudspeaker system designed for use in both marine environments and in general purpose inland environments. The 106HTH utilizes 316-grade stainless steel (marine-grade) for all structural and rigging points. All associated One Systems rigging accessories are also 316-grade stainless steel. All metal components that are not structural feature a newly developed marine-grade powder coat over 304-grade stainless steel. This allows the 106HTH to be used in ocean front and cruise ship applications, as well as in all other general purpose direct weather installations. The 106HTH also features an installer configurable High Z or Lo Z mode. The High Z mode features a wide bandwidth 50 watt autoformer that presents input taps of 50 Watts, 25 Watts, and 12.5 Watts. The Lo Z mode is 8- ohms. The simple configuration process is found on the third page of the product data sheet. The configuration scheme does not utilize any switches that limit system reliability. The Hi Z mode allows for either 70.7Vrms or 100Vrms operation. The 106HTH offers superb intelligibility and extended bandwidth, as well as superior system dynamics.

The 106HTH is a two-way design featuring a wide coverage pattern of 110 degrees by 70 degrees. This low Q pattern is ideal for short throw applications and near field sound reinforcement applications. The high frequency wave guide provides optimal loading for the true compression driver. The use of a true compression driver allows the 106HTH to produce excellent system dynamics. The high frequency driver features very low distortion and superior upper vocal range intelligibility. The 6.5 inch nominal diameter low frequency component features a very large voice coil diameter, insures high reliability and excellent linearity.

The One Systems 106HTH includes a 316 (marine-grade) stainless steel U-bracket. The enclosure also features 4 each M5 rigging points on the back of the enclosure. These rigging points may be used with the One Systems PT-10/M or the PM2-M pole mount system. The enclosure is an injection molded design that utilizes a high impact copolymer material that exhibits superior weather resistance. The 106HTH is available in either black or white color. Both color options are stabilized for ultra violet exposure. The 106HTH features a three-layer “rain shield” grille design and an input weather cover with water proof gland nut. The overall ingress protection is rated at IP56.

Features & Benefits:

  • Marine-grade (316) stainless steel rigging and structural support
  • Easily configurable Hi Z (50 watt) multi tap or Lo Z (8-ohm) operation
  • Combined 70.7Vrms or 100Vrms operation » Marine-grade (316) stainless steel U-bracket included
  • No performance degrading or dynamics limiting passive protection devices
  • 50 watts continuous, 200 watts peak power handling in the Lo Z mode
  • IEC 529 IP 56 ingress protection


Rigging & Accessories: