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When Hawken School, an elite Ohio school, went looking for a state-of-the-art PA sound system for its new outdoor football stadium, the choice was easy: Online Marketing designed a full-range rig using One Systems loudspeaker components, including six Model 112IM all-weather loudspeaker cabinets on fly brackets. Designed by Online Marketing and installed by local contractor RCS Corporation, the new system is providing “clear, even sound coverage” across the entire football field, according to Tony Wanner, who serves as liaison for the Gates Mills-located school.

Founded in 1915, Hawken School is an independent, college preparatory day school serving approximately 950 students in pre-school through grade 12. The school’s mission still reflects the words of James A. Hawken: “That the better self shall prevail, and each generation introduce its successor to a higher plane of life.” Hawken School offers capable and committed students a learning environment that is coeducational, pluralistic, and nonsectarian. “Sports play an important part in the school curriculum,” Wanner stresses.

The new sound system at Hawken School is part of a $1.95 million scheme to create a multi-purpose field with artificial turf and lights on Humphrey Field; eventually a new and improved stadium will be added. “To ensure coverage across the home and visitor’s bleachers and outer-field areas,” Wanner continues, “the loudspeakers have been mounted on our new lighting poles. It’s a great-sounding system.”

According to John Zappola from Cleveland-based RCS Corporation, “We have worked with the school for a number of years, so when the opportunity came up for an enhanced sound system, we opted for an array of One Systems 112IM weatherproof cabinets powered by Lab:gruppen C48 amplifiers.” The Model 112IM is a light-weight, copolymer, all-weather loudspeaker system that can be used in outdoor as well as indoor applications where high vocal intelligibility and accuracy are required. Like all One Systems products, the 112IM not only offers excellent full-range fidelity but superior vocal reproduction and intelligibility.

“Everybody is very happy with the end result” Zappola offers. “Representatives from the school were amazed at the system’s performance. Because the specified fly brackets [to mount the cabinets on the lighting poles] were on back order from One Systems, for the first home game of the football season – which was being televised – we placed the Model 112IM cabinets on top of the press box, angled to provide coverage across as much of the field as possible. As we discovered, there was more than enough throw across the football field to reach the far bleachers – it sounded tremendous!”

The Model 112IM comprises a single 12-inch I/O LD driver and a large-format HF driver coupled to a fully rotatable ET (Equivalent Throat) high-frequency horn. The unit’s 12I/O (Inside Only) woofer utilizes a unique wind on the inside of the voice-coil support structure. Such a design allows for both high magnetic system displacement as well as increased thermal transfer, and results in reduced power compression and higher reliability. The patent-pending ET driver allows the unit’s HF radiation pattern to be controlled by the phase plug summation plane rather than the conventional exit diameter. A large-format titanium diaphragm and a close-spaced circumferential ring phase plug insure extended high-frequency bandwidth.

The six loudspeakers were located correctly on the lighting poles for the school’s first night game on August 31. “The Model
112IM’s design and rigging points made life simple for us during the installation,” Zappola reports. “Because the school
didn’t want us to drill into the poles [and possibly compromise their structural integrity], we were asked to use traps instead. One Systems’ FLY-112M brackets worked out very well. The entire installation process was totally transparent, and saved us a lot of time.”

Marc Warling, Applications Engineer with On Line Marketing, One Systems’ representative for Ohio and the surrounding region, cites three reasons for the success of Hawken School’s football-field installation. “Firstly,” the consultant/designer offers, “the Model 112IM provides better performance with enhanced directivity than competitive products. Secondly, they have a reasonable price point for such great sounding products. Finally, they sound good with full bandwidth performance even from way across the field. Full bandwidth is important for such installations, because the school uses music playback during the warm-up and half-time break; PA systems have to provide CD-quality music playback, not just announcements. The 112IM is perfect for such applications.”

The Model 112IM has been optimized for outdoor applications such as football stadiums, baseball stadiums, race tracks and other sports venues where permanent installation is required as well as direct weather exposure. The enclosure is a copolymer optimized for high-UV exposure and long life in harsh environments. All internal and external rigging and suspension hardware, as well as the metal grill, are stainless steel or high strength aluminum. The grill is a three-layer rain shield design that minimizes direct rain contact with the systems transducers. A unique vent design allows for easy moisture drainage.

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