112IM Light-Weight Copolymer-Based All-Weather Loudspeaker System

The 112IM-W/Marine is a light-weight, white copolymer based all-weather loudspeaker system. The 112IM-W/Marine was designed to be used in Marine/Ocean Front outdoor installations. The 112IM Marine features 316 grade stainless steel external rigging points, as well as 316 grade grills and mounting fasteners. Like all ONE SYSTEMS products, the 112IM-WMarine was designed to not only offer excellent full-range fidelity, but also superior vocal reproduction and intelligibility. The system consists of a single 12" Inside/Only (12I/O) woofer and a large format ET compression driver that coupled to a fully rotatable high frequency horn. (factory installed with ET60/40 horn)

The 112IM-W/Marine system offers a complete selection of array and flying/suspension hardware.

The 112IM-W/Marine is optimized for ocean front outdoor applications such as cruise ships, ocean front theme parts, football stadiums, baseball stadiums, race tracks and other venues where the product is exposed to ocean front or marine environments. The system is also well suited for outdoor general public address applications.

The 112IM-W/Marine enclosure is white and copolymer optimized, injection molded for high UV exposure and long life in harsh environments.

The grill is a 3 layer "rain shield" design that will minimize direct rain contact with the systems transducers. The unique vent design also allows for easy moisture drainage from the interior of the enclosure. The enclosure and grill design are rated to IEC 529 IP45 (solid object penetration to 1 mm (0.04 inches) and water jets from any direction). The enclosures and components are also rated to Mil Spec 810.

The input section consists of a multi position barrier strip. A weather cover is provided with an integral IP68 gland nut connector for outdoor applications. In the outdoor configuration connections are made thru the 4 position barrier strip. The gland nut is weather proof and is rated NEMA 6P (IP68). The connector will accommodate cable outside diameters from 7mm to 12mm (0.236" to 0.472"). The maximum diameter will accommodate most 2 conductor AWG 12 cable assemblies.

The basic design utilizes a large format high frequency driver that will accommodate a variety of high frequency radiation patterns. There are two fully rotatable high frequency horns available. Both horns are Equivalent Throat (ET) designs that offer extended bandwidth polar control and very low distortion. The ET-105/60 is a 105 degree horizontal by 60 degree vertical pattern and may be rotated to also provide a 60 degree horizontal by 105 degree vertical for downfill applications. It is available at no charge as an option. The second horn is the ET-60/40. This horn offers a 60 degree horizontal by 40 degree vertical radiation pattern and is also fully rotatable. Although the 112IM is shipped with the ET-60/40 horn installed, the ET-105/60 is available at no charge when ordering. A simple internal jumper optimizes the crossover for either high frequency horn. (For details related to changing high frequency horns see the specific "Technical Paper" under the "Education Tab" on the ONE SYSTEMS web site, www.ONESYSTEMS.com)

The 12-inch low-frequency device is the 12I/O woofer. This design utilizes a unique voice coil wind on the inside of the voice coil support structure. This design allows for both high magnetic system displacement, as well as increased thermal transfer. This results in reduced power compression and higher reliability.

Because the ONE SYSTEMS 112IM-W/Marine is designed for permanent installation applications, a variety of rigging and suspension options are available. The 112IM-W/Marine has 15 M10 mounting points. There are a variety of 316 grade rigging accessories available.

  • All Rigging and External Metal Components 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Direct weather 12" two way system.
  • Optimized for high intelligibility and vocal articulation.
  • ET Fully rotatable and interchangeable high frequency horns.
  • Multiple M10 flying points.
  • Available Rigging Brackets.
  • Gland Nut/Barrier Strip Inputs
    (Weather cover for Gland nut installations).

Frequency Response:
60Hz – 16kHz

Coverage Pattern:
105H x 60V (ET105/60)
60H x 40V (ET60/40)

Passive Crossover Frequency:
1800 Hz (ET60/40)

4 position barrier strip

System Sensitivity: (1watt-1meter)

Power Handling:
800 watts Continuous
1600 watts Program
3200 watts Peak*

Nominal Impedance:
8 ohms

Low Frequency:

High Frequency:
ONE SYSTEMS ET Driver with factory installed ET-60/40 horn and no charge optional ET105/60 horn

Suspension/Mounting points:
15 x M10

Weather Performance:
IEC 529 / IP 45
(IP56 when HWK used)
Mil Spec 810

Dimensions (H x W x D):
748mm x 368mm x 398.3mm
29.5" x 14.5'' x 15.7"

Net Weight:
31.2kg (70 lb)

Optional Accessories:
112IM-U-Marine: U-Bracket kit
 (available in black, white and in 316-grade marine stainless steel)
Pole Mount System-3-W/Marine: Pole mount bracket with pan / tilt adjustments
PT-76-W/Marine: Pan / tilt bracket for mounting on walls or poles

* All power handling ratings are amplifier headroom dependent