103IM Direct weather High Performance Loudspeaker System

The One Systems® 103IM is a very high-performance background / foreground speaker designed for use in all weather conditions. It delivers excellent performance to size ratio as well as IP 56-rated direct-weather capability for a variety of acoustic spaces.

The 103IM includes a high-frequency driver coupled to an elliptical constant-directivity horn featuring a nominal coverage pattern of 110 degrees horizontal by 80 degrees vertical. Its 3.5-inch (90 mm) high-performance woofer delivers extended bandwidth response and superb performance. The 3.5-inch woofer features a large-diameter 1.25-inch (31.8 mm) voice coil that provides superior power handling and superb reliability without using performance-degrading passive protection devices typically found in small-format speakers. The 103IM’s combination of a high-efficiency horn-loaded tweeter and large-format voice coil woofer yields superior system intelligibility, good vocal range integrity and superb music reproduction.

The 103IM’s enclosure is injection-molded utilizing a copolymer material developed for use in extremely harsh weather environments that offers a high degree of UV protection. The enclosure has 2 x M5 mounting points located on the top and bottom of the enclosure for use with the supplied 103IM-U U-Bracket. There are also 4 x M5 mounting points on the rear of the enclosure for use with the optional PT-10 pan and tilt bracket and the Pole Mount Mini bracket. All of 103IM’s mounting points are made of stainless steel. The grille assembly is a 3-layer design optimized for acoustic transparency and protection from windblown particles and water.

The input section features a weather cover with an integral gland nut that is rated to an IP 68 standard. The system’s input connector is a four-position barrier strip. The 103IM is available in 8-ohm and 70.7-volt or 100-volt versions in both black and white finishes. The enclosure can be easily painted to match décor-conscious applications. The optional transformers are wide-bandwidth designs with 50-watt, 25-watt and 12.5-watt taps that are accessible via the four-position barrier strip input.

  • Direct weather 3.5” two way system
  • High Performance
  • Foreground/Background
  • Direct Weather High Performance
  • Stainless Steel Rigging and Grill
  • IP 56 Rated
  • Large Format voice coil designs
  • U Bracket Included
  • Available Pan and Tilt

Frequency Response

Coverage Pattern
110H x 80V

Passive Crossover

System Sensitivity
(1 watt 1 meter) 87dB

Power Handling
50 watts Continuous
100 watts Program
200 watts Peak

Nominal Impedance
8 ohms

Weather Performance

Net Weight
3.0kg (6.6lbs)

Transformer Version
3.5kg (7.7lbs)

Dimensions (H x W x D)
211.2mm x 156.2mm x 130.5 mm
8.3in x 6.15in x 5.1 in